Privacy of Recorded Media and Collected Personal Information

CCUA (Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture) reserves the rights to videotape, photograph, or record any event held by the organization or other affiliated organizational events for which we are in attendance. By attending any CCUA event, workshop, or affiliated activity all participants acknowledge and agree that their image, voice, or photograph could be published on the CCUA website, other partner websites, and/or news outlets (television, print, radio, or online) also in attendance of the above mentioned events/activities.

All photographs, videos, audio recordings, and any reproductions thereof, in addition to tapes, digital files, or other forms of documented media shall be the property of CCUA, unless otherwise noted elsewhere. CCUA reserves the right to use the recorded media for public relations, fundraising, advertising, education, and community outreach. All other applications for use of this material will be proposed before the CCUA Board of Directors for consideration and approval. Media recorded at any event, workshop, or affiliated activity will not be subject to public approval prior to publication by CCUA or other affiliated or nonaffiliated partners (including media coverage via television, print, radio, and/or online).

CCUA respects people’s rights to privacy in all forms. Personal information (i.e. Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers, or Email addresses) collected by CCUA will not be distributed to any external affiliates, businesses, or agencies at any time for any reason. CCUA will only use them for internal mailings, surveys, contact for volunteers, and other rationally useful internal purposes that are deemed necessary in the future.