Planting for the Pantry

Full row (240 sq. ft.) $1,200
Half row (120 sq. ft.) $600
Quarter row (60 sq. ft.) $300

Partial row ($5


The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture donates everything grown at the Urban Farm to hunger relief outlets through our Planting for the Pantry Program. We believe that all people deserve access to good, healthy, nutrient-dense foods, as well as hands-on educational opportunities to become empowered to grow their own food.

CCUA started Planting for the Pantry with a goal of sponsoring 10 of the Urban Farm’s 50 rows. Each year our sponsorship goal increases as we aim to donate all of the food we grow to hunger relief outlets like local food pantries. In 2017, CCUA’s entire Urban Farm was sponsored and we donated over 17,000 pounds of fresh food to local food pantries.

Here’s how “Planting for the Pantry” works:

  1. Donors sign up to sponsor a full or a partial row at CCUA’s Urban Farm via our mail-in sponsorship form or online through PayPal (see above).

    • A full row (240 sq. ft.) sponsorship is $1,200.

    • Partial row sponsorships are available starting at a single square foot for $5.00.  (Half row=$600, quarter row=$300)

  2. Every dollar donated helps fight hunger today, tomorrow & into the future:

    • $0.50 provides fresh produce to area food pantries and hunger relief outlets

    • $0.25 supports CCUA educational and outreach efforts at the Urban Farm and in the community

    • $0.25 is invested in the CCUA Endowment Fund to provide financial stability for CCUA into the future

  3. CCUA delivers fresh produce to the pantries throughout the growing season and provides hands-on educational opportunities at the Urban Farm, outdoor classrooms at local schools, and backyards throughout Columbia.

  4. All donors’ names are listed on CCUA’s website and at the Urban Farm.  Donors are also invited to engage in the process at volunteer events throughout the season. You can help us with:

CCUA brings a fresh approach to hunger relief and investing in our community by growing and donating nutrient-dense and fresh food for people in need throughout our community. Additionally, hands-on educational efforts build the capacity of the community to better engage in urban agriculture and add fresh fruits and vegetables to dinner tables.

For more information about the Planting for the Pantry program, or to schedule a presentation with your organization, please contact Adam Saunders at or call our office at 573-514-4174.

Together, we can make a really tasty impact on our community’s health today, tomorrow and into the future!